VITALS Software

Some water municipality suppliers do a great job with software. Some manufacturers do a good job with hardware and equipment. Wachs Utility Products does a great job with both, offering our VITALS software on many of our bestselling trailer, skid, and truck-mount valve maintenance systems, utilizing a powerful handheld controller equipped with our industry unique VITALS.

With the newest versions of VITALS running on ruggedized tablets and Microsoft Windows 10, it brings the power of your desktop with you to the jobsite. VITALS allows the user to control our equipment remotely, while giving you “vital” asset information in the palm of your hand, such as valve location, type, size, turns, direction, and more that can be recorded and later transferred back to your desktop.

Here’s how it works: Wachs VITALS equipped machines contain the necessary motors and sensors, VITALS software contains the operating and recordability instructions, and our handheld controller provides the microprocessor brains and memory. Monitor the valve exercising procedure in detail remotely from the safety and comfort of your truck, keeping your crew out of the elements, and out of traffic where accidents can and do occur.

VITALS combined with our customized handheld controllers offer users the most precise control of valve operation ever invented. Digital torque and turn displays provide clear insight into a valve’s condition, while the electronic torque sensor records the torque chart. Adjustable torque control limits include indicators that signal when preset limits are reached, and trigger auto shut down or auto reverse to prevent valve damage.

Now you have the ability to safely and remotely exercise valves, capture the information and synchronize it with your desktop. As the industry leader in valve exercising systems for decades, we can still say nobody else has anything like it!


Vitals Desktop Vitals Mobile TC Vitals 3.8.3 Changelog Older Versions Manual