Valve Box Buddy

Wachs Valve Box Buddy is a light-weight, magnetic lifter designed for easy removal of cast iron utility and steel valve box covers. It instantly attaches to the steel cover, utilizing a 70mm 1,000lb (450 kg) switchable magnet. It includes an easy to use on/off locking handle for safety, makes removing covers quick and easy.

The powerful magnetic field penetrates textured surfaces, and allows the operator to ergonomically lift and move covers without bending over, minimizing the risk of back injuries. Rated for cast iron or steel covers up to 60 lbs.

  • No need to bend over and pick up heavy objects, helps to minimize back injuries
  • Instantly attaches to and removes valve box covers, saving time
  • Safety lock keeps magnets energized until they’re turned off
  • Easy on/off control for precise positioning
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for picking up hot, sharp or dirty steel without contact
  • Highly portable with self contained power supply
  • Ideal for any size city, municipality or utility