Emissions Information

A machine containing a label such as that shown here is being produced under the equipment manufacturer flexibility provisions of the US EPA emissions regulations (40 CFR 1039.625) and similar regulations adopted by the State of California (Title 13 CCR 2423(d)).

The equipment manufacturer flexibility provisions allow the use of a previous-Tier engine in a limited number of machines, and is being used by E.H. Wachs according to the schedule below. The power category that the engine/machine is in may be determined from the engine's emissions label. The fact that the engine is being used in the equipment flexibility program is also indicated by the reference to 40 CFR 1039.625 and 13 CCR 2423 on the engine emissions label.


Power Category (kW) May Use Instead of In Years
19-56 Interim Tier 4 Final Tier 4 2013-2018

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