Valve Maintenance Skid Systems

So which is the best vehicle platform to select for a valve maintenance system? Is it a dedicated trailer that can be towed behind your fleet trucks, or a skid system that has Wachs components bolted down to a steel skid, that in turn can be easily mounted to any medium duty flatbed truck? The answer is they are both a good choice, but it fully depends on your needs and preferences.

Wachs VMS Valve Maintenance Skid mounted systems are a popular choice. In the past equipment was shipped as individual components to the customers upfitter, who would then perform a labor and cost intensive custom installation right to the trucks flatbed. Wachs skid systems pre-install and pre-wire all the system components to a metal skid, ready to run, which only requires a few bolts to mount it to the truck flatbed, eliminating much of the labor expense. The skid that the equipment mounts to consists of 3” tall formed and welded frame with integrated 8” full length fork slot tubes.

By mounting the skid system directly to a medium duty flatbed truck, it offers the advantage of a self-contained, specialized truck that requires no trailer connections, and is easier to drive, maneuver and park in tight quarters. As a side benefit in some instances the skid systems, unlike trailers, can draw from the trucks fuel tank, eliminating the need for separate fueling of the truck and the valve maintenance equipment.

Wachs Utility Products VMS Valve Maintenance Skids can be equipped with your choice of either gasoline or diesel power, and are equipped with our industry leading ERV-750 Extended Reach Valve exerciser, 500 CFM 11 in Hg vacuum system, and a high capacity spoils tank featuring hydraulic slide, lift and dump with latching rear door.