Standard LX Valve Maintenance Trailer VMT, Diesel

A favorite in trailer mounted valve maintenance systems, Wachs Standard LX is among our bestselling products, excelling at all the functions typically associated with a municipality or water district self-performing a valve maintenance program.  Utilizing Wachs exclusive VITALS software to help track your valuable water infrastructure and keep it operating at peak efficiency, you’ll discover the Standard LX is “vital” to your organization.

Wachs Standard LX trailer includes our class leading ERV-750 extended reach operator with a reach of 13 feet (3.96 meters) and offering a powerful 750 ft-lbs of torque. This is the industry “standard” for a completely upgradeable, versatile platform designed to transport all the valve maintenance and vacuum tools needed in the field. Built to withstand the rigors of years of service, it’s the perfect solution for municipalities or contractors looking for a rugged, long lasting self-contained system.

Wachs Standard LX supports our industry exclusive VITALS software that uses “No Assumptions” logic in its programming. This class leading software, developed over the last three decades, has one goal in mind - to eliminate misdirection and over-torquing of valves during operation to prevent damaging or breaking them. Comprised of both mobile and desktop modules, VITALS allows you to set torque limits and record infrastructure details including location, valve-operating direction, and torque applied.

Powered by a long lasting Kubota 4 stoke diesel, the Standard LX comes complete with a wireless handheld tablet controller with datalogger, a powerful 500 CFM-11in Hg vacuum, a 250 gal spoils tank utilizing Wachs exclusive hydraulic slide, tilt & rear discharge with a power latching rear door, a 2.5 GPM@3000 psi pressure washer system with 95 gallon water tank, an HPU with a HTMA Class II circuit, 10 gal reservoir, and a fan cooled heat exchanger, producing 8 gpm @ 2000 psi.

Loaded with storage and accessories, this trailer is ready for serious valve maintenance work. The Standard LX is a single valve turner trailer, meaning it is not designed to mount the powerful TM-7 HD Plus valve exerciser (as the Grand LX does). The TM-7 HD Plus is ideal for the larger or stubborn valves found in bigger or more established muncipipalities.

Standard LX Valve Maintenance Trailer VMT, Diesel with single valve turner includes:

  • Wachs 750 Ft/lb Extended Reach Valve ERV-750 valve operator
  • Ruggedized handheld tablet controller/datalogger with GPS 
  • Tier 4F compliant, Kubota 1.1L, I-3 4-stroke, liquid cooled, IDI diesel engine provides ample power for all contained functions
  • Auxiliary HTMA Class II circuit (10 gallon reservoir, fan cooled heat exchanger, continuous duty rated for 8 GPM @ 1,800 PSI).
  • Positive displacement blower provides 500 CFM-11in Hg vacuum
  • Spoils containment provided by a 250 gallon tank with Wachs unique power hydraulic slide, dump and latching rear door
  • 2.5 gpm @ 3000 psi pressure washer system
  • 7 gallon anti-freeze tank
  • 95 gallon water tank
  • 2-1/2in, 1-1/4in & 7/8” suction wands and one each short and long wash-down guns

The LX package bundle:

  • Light bar
  • Auxiliary hydraulic hose reel
  • Bluetooth tether
  • Diamond Plate lockable watertight job boxes
  • Valve Box Buddy magnetic valve box cover lifter


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