Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Wachs Utility Products valve exercisers allow the the operation and exercising of shutoff valves commonly found in wastewater treatment plants. These valves can include multi-turn knife or iron wedge gate valves, smaller knife gate valves, and plug valves such as quarter-turn eccentric plugs.

Our handheld valve exercisers for operating rising stem and handwheel style valves, improve operator safety and reduce fatigue. We understand operation of these valves is essential to ensuring the overall performance and reliability of the system and provide solutions for all of your valve turning needs.

Wachs Utility Products builds a wide range of equipment related to water valve maintenance, and generally speaking our equipment is grouped by its form factor, such as a handheld exerciser, a VMT trailer, or a VMS skid platform. However an equally important way to consider what Wachs equipment fits your needs is by function, which in the valve maintenance field can be distilled down to these four:

Locate valves using GPS tracking of assets via our handheld controllers

Access valves by cleaning out their vault with power washout and vacuum components

Operate (or exercise) valves using our handheld, trailer or truck mounted exercisers

Record valve parameters via a handheld controller, for later transfer to your desktop system

Consider your needs; a handheld RS-2 valve exerciser for rising stem valves is an excellent starting point in wastewater treatment. Combining several tools gives a wider range of capability; adding vacuum with a Trav-L-Vac 300 and a RS-2 handheld exerciser would cover access and operate. Or consider our Compact LX trailer equipped with the versatile ERV-750 extended reach exerciser. Wachs bestselling Standard LX trailer or skid system comes complete with all the tools needed to check all the functionally boxes.