Wachs Utility Products Company Information

For over 135 years E.H. Wachs has manufactured the world’s finest portable pipe machining tools and valve exercisers. Specially designed for water and gas distribution system operators, our products are solidly built to help you maintain these systems, year after year, with greater efficiency and safety.

Built to Last

We design and build all our products to last a lifetime. E.H. Wachs is ISO 9001 certified, and reflecting our manufacturing excellence was named one of the “Ten Best Machine Shops” by American Machinist Magazine. Sold and supported worldwide, each and every product is individually hand assembled and fully tested by our master craftsmen before shipment.

Superior Equipment

Wachs offers municipalities, utilities and contractors a full line of valve exercising machines and vacuum evacuation products for valve box and vault cleanout. These include our handheld exercisers Pow-R-Drive 2™ and Rising Stem RS-2™, our workhorse truck or trailer mounted ERV-750™ and the Wachs powerhouse TM-7™. Wachs Valve Maintenance Systems will locate, access, operate and record all your valve data for asset management. The competition doesn’t have anything like it!

Hardware and Software

The good news is with E.H. Wachs, you get the best of both. Our hardware is demonstrably superior – just see these machines in action and compare them side by side to the competition. Now ask your IT specialist to review the functionality, precision control and communication that our Intelligent Automation and VITALS™ software offers, and it’s game over. Nobody else in the industry has anything like it – nobody.

Wachs has again taken a quantum leap past the competition with our new advanced VITALS Mobile software. Coupled with our new HC-100 Controller, this means that you now have your entire system information available in the palm of your hand!