Today’s managers ask themselves: What’s the most important consideration when I purchase valve maintenance machines? Quality hardware, or state of the art software and controllers that talk with my existing water management system?

Superior Hardware and Software

The good news is with Wachs, you get the best of both. Our hardware is demonstrably superior – just see these machines in action and compare them side by side to the competition. Now ask your IT specialist to review the functionality, precision control and communication that our Intelligent Automation and VITALS™ software offers, and it’s game over. Nobody else in the industry has anything like it – nobody.

Wachs has again taken a quantum leap past the competition with our new advanced VITALS Mobile software. VITALS gathers and synchronizes critical valve information with your water management software. Coupled with our new HC-100 Controller, this means that you now have your entire system information available in the palm of your hand!

Complete Support

When you purchase an E.H. Wachs machine, you’re partnering with the industry leader that’s been building Superior Equipment for 125 years. That partnership means the equipment you buy today will be supported with the training, service, parts and upgrades that will be “vital” in the years ahead. With Wachs powerful combination of hardware and software, you no longer need to choose between them. Choose Superior Equipment. Complete Support.