ERV-750 Mounted Valve Exerciser

Wachs ERV-750 Extended Reach Valve exerciser is where torque meets flexibility, and the first choice of water system operators everywhere. The ERV-750 is named for the 750 ft/ lbs (1015 Nm) of torque it delivers, torque it can deliver even when fully extended. It gives the power you expect with the reach you need, with a rotating and extendable arm that reaches out to a full 13ft (3.96m).

The ERV-750 pivots to reach curbside valve boxes or hydrants. It uses dual hydraulic locking disc brakes with push button release that’s designed to hold the full torque force of the machine while operating. Built to last, the ERV-750 arm is constructed with a strong 3in square steel box section to resist twisting forces.

Available as a standalone option, it’s the ideal valve exerciser for water organizations of all sizes. It includes a mechanical lock to secure the exerciser during travel. The ERV-750 is standard equipment on our Compact LX, Standard LX and Grand LX Trailers and Standard LX Skid system.

Available in Low Stack models for mounting to trailers, skids, and flatbed trucks and a High Stack version for bumper mounting.

ERV-750 Extended Reach Valve Exerciser

  • 750 ft/lbs of torque with hands free, “no assumption” operation
  • Dual hydraulic locking disc brakes with push button release
  • 13ft of reach from the mounting pedestal
  • 3in square steel tube construction
  • Mechanical lock system for storage during travel
  • Variable Speed 5-30 RPM (30 RPM at recommended flow)
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity*
  • Power supply requirements of 4-12 GPM @ 2000psi (8 GPM recommended)
  • Fully compatible with VITALS software which enables full data logging and sync between the handheld controller and your network PC*
  • Telescoping valve key operates standard AWWA 2in nut

*Requires ruggedized handheld controller/datalogger with GPS, sold separately.



Bid Spec Manual Datasheet