DW Guillotine® Pipe Saws

Safer Pipe Saws for Water Work

Designed for cutting water distribution and transmission lines, Wachs DW Guillotine diamond wire pipe saws are faster and safer tools than conventional methods being used in the field.

They can be used to:
  • Cut broken water mains
  • Sever transmission lines
  • Extract old water valves
  • Remove old fittings and connections
  • Add new connections

Now available for weekly or monthly rentals

Renting Wachs DWG saws are a great option to see how this advanced pipe saw performs in your operations.  Rentals allow you to "test drive" it before buying, and are a great option for bigger projects where many cuts are required, or to supplement your existing pipe cutting tools.

DW Guillotine Saws
DW Guillotine removing a valve

Safer for your crew

They’re designed to make the whole process safer.

  • The saw does all the work, so there’s less operator fatigue and risk.
  • DW Guillotine saws mount to the pipe.
  • Your crew won’t be holding a heavy, high-powered chop saw or chainsaw to make the cut.
  • There is no risk of bouncing blades or “kickback” because it’s mounted to the pipe.
  • No more engine exhaust fumes in the hole.
  • The diamond wire is inside a heavy-duty protective housing that keeps the operator out of harm’s way.
  • The diamond wire does not bind like other saws and easily cuts through the pipe.
  • These machines cut fast, so your crew is in and out of the hole.

Available in 2 sizes

DW Guillotine 208

DW Guillotine 208

Cut 2-inch to 8-inch pipe

DW Guillotine 416

DW Guillotine 416

Cut 4-inch to 16-inch pipe

DW Guillotine cutting a pressurized pipe

Purpose Built

  • DW Guillotine saws need less digging around the cut
  • Rugged, they can operate fully submerged in water
Operator is away from the cutting action

Easy to Use

  • Quick, Easy Setup
    1. Unfold the saw
    2. Mount it to the pipe
    3. Hook up water and hydraulics
    4. Set your cut pressure
    5. You’re ready to go.
  • The operator control handles and cutting feedback gauge are on the top of the saw, away from the cutting action.


The diamond wire cable can cut:

  • Carbon Steel Pipe
  • Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • Cement Mortar Lined and Coated Steel (CMLCS) Pipe
  • PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
  • and more
Hydraulic lines mean no engine fumes in the hole.

Cleaner Power

  • DW Guillotine pipe saws run on closed-loop hydraulic power.
  • They connect directly to any standard Class II Hydraulic Power Unit.
  • They can run off the Wachs HPU that drives your ERV-750 or TM-7 valve exercisers.
  • Or you can plug it into the auxiliary hydraulic power circuits on your excavator.
Close-up of DW Guillotine's Diamond Wire in action

Lowest Cost Per Cut

  • Better life and performance of the cable
  • More cuts from a single cable.
  • Wire rolls while it is traveling, so every pass provides a fresh cutting edge.
  • The diamond abrasive material on the wire lasts considerably longer than teeth on a saw blade.

Here's what's included:

(1) Hydraulic Powered Diamond Wire Guillotine Saw
(1) Heavy Duty diamond wire cutting cable
(1) Operating manual
(1) Can Lubricant
(1) Coolant/Washdown Tank
Image Description Application Part #
DW Guillotine 208 Description: DW Guillotine 208 Application:

Pipe Cutting 2"-8" OD

Part #: 29-000-08

DW Guillotine 416 Description: DW Guillotine 416 Application:

Pipe Cutting 4"-16" OD

Part #: 29-000-16

DW Guillotine® 208 Replacement Wire Description: DW Guillotine® 208 Replacement Wire Application:

Pipe Cutting 2"-8" OD

Part #: 29-608-00

DW Guillotine® 416 Replacement Wire (Folding Frame) Description: DW Guillotine® 416 Replacement Wire (Folding Frame) Application:

Pipe Cutting 4"-16" OD
(fits Folding Frame)

Part #: 29-616-00

DW Guillotine® 416 Replacement Wire (original-style/Solid Frame) Description: DW Guillotine® 416 Replacement Wire (original-style/Solid Frame) Application:

Pipe Cutting 4"-16" OD
(fits Solid Frame)

Part #: 29-602-10


Bid Spec Manual