Valve Adapters for RS-2

Two types of valve adapters are available for use with the RS-2 Rising Stem handheld valve exerciser. Both are designed to increase the versatility of this robust unit and extend operator safety.

The RS-2 Rising Stem Square Drive Adapter Hub, used primarily in water valve applications, bolts into the RS-2's 4in (101.6mm) open head and incorporates a 1in (25.4mm) square drive hub, allowing interface with standard 1in (25.4mm) square telescoping and non-telescoping valve keys or P-2 drive sockets.

RS-2 Handwheel Adapter Kits allow the RS-2 Rising Stem valve exerciser to turn and exercise valves equipped with handwheels. There are two models:

  • RS-2 Univeral Handwheel Adapter Kit is designed to be portable, moved from valve to valve, and includes a full range of extension arms to fit most handwheels.
  • RS-2 Dedicated Handwheel Adapter Kit is designed for permanant attachment to a single valve handwheel, and is typically specified where frequent exercising of the handwheel valve is required.