Tech Service Bulletin - TC-100 - U21-003

Bulletin: U21-003

Issue Date: 08/27/21

TC-100 Device Name Incorrectly Programmed Causing

Vitals Mobile-TC application v3.8.0 and v3.8.1 Not to Run

Models Affected: 

Approximately 120x TC-100 devices (79-422-05) produced May 2021 – through August 2021; Serial Numbers: 299368 - 303695

Issue Description:

Beginning in May 2021, a bug in the software programming caused the Model Number “TC-100” not to be programmed as expected.  79-422-05 was programmed instead.  This device model name change does not allow Vitals Mobile-TC to run.  The Vitals Splash screen launches, but the application does not open further.  On Vitals Mobile v3.8.0, the error message “Vitals Mobile-TC only works on TC-100” is behind the splash screen.  Portion of the error window becomes visible putting the TC-100 device into landscape orientation.  On Vitals Mobile-TC v 3.8.1 “Vitals Mobile-TC only works on TC-100” message appears above the splash screen.  Pressing “OK” closes the Vitals Mobile-TC app.

Incorrect Model Number Correct Model Number

Figure 1-Incorrect Model Number

Figure 2-Correct Model Number


Customers with the affected Serial numbers will need to run a patch to update the Model Number on their TC-100 device.  Vitals Mobile-TC v 3.8.2 will also be updated to support devices with the affected Model Number discrepancy.


  1. Download the required patch (below)
     TC-100 Model Updater
  2. Unzip “TC-100 Model Updater” directory and save onto the TC-100 or flash drive.
  3. Run “TC-100 Model Updater.exe” patch on the affected TC-100.
  4. Confirm administrator mode if prompted. This will require Administrator access.
  5. Press “Click button to update Model to TC-100”
    TC-100 Model Number Updater
  6. Restart the TC-100: Start > Power > Restart
  7. Verify the patch updated the Model number: Start > Device info. Model number should indicate TC-100.
  8. Verify Vitals Mobile-TC application runs on the affected TC-100. Start > Vitals Mobile-TC
  9. Update Vitals Mobile-TC.  Vitals Mobile-TC > Settings > About > Check for Update.  Updating Vitals Mobile-TC requires an Internet connection to validate the software signing certificate.