HC-100 Handheld Controller

Replacement HC-100 handheld controller, limited to supply on hand, replaced by Wachs TC-100 ruggedized Windows 10 tablet controller. Contact the factory for availabilty or details on upgrading to the TC-100.

Wachs HC-100 facilites the operation and data logging of your valve data in conjuction with the ERV-750, TM-7 or TM-6 valve exercising machines. A capacitive touch 4.3in LCD display is readable in bright sunlight conditions. Field operators can use their finger or the stylus to efficiently navigate the controller. The HC-100 has a fast 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and 8 GB of valve data storage. The HC-100 is GPS equipped for finding and locating your valves fast. For increased GPS accuracy consider pairing the HC-100 to the Trimble RS Global Navigation Satellite system part#79-412-02.

Each kit includes the HC-100 Controller, 2 pack screen protector, quick start guide, AC wall charger, DC vehicle charger. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, capacitive stylus, micro USB Sync cable, Phillips screwdriver, machine control cable & preloaded with Vitals Mobile software. 

For complete specifications, see the DATASHEET

Optional 3 Year protection plan (part #79-110-13)

Optional Desktop Dock (part #79-110-09)



Bid Spec Datasheet Manual